Our Goal

When we started out, we never knew what we were for:


Exactly three years ago, when we started out with our sewing machine reviewing site, we honestly had no idea what we were in for.


We were trying to address a need for a small percentage of population who probably wanted to buy the best that their money could for them but had no idea where to source it from or what the other options in the same price range are.


But we were in for a surprise:


In a couple of days we had a visitor rate of ten thousand and within a month the visitors to tour site had increased tenfold in volume!

We were excited:
That was when we realized that we had in all probability miscalculated the kind of people who would have been interested in a reviewing site for the sewing machines. The fact that people cam and used the information and later left behind testimonials saying that the website was god sent to them and thanks to it that they were able to make an informed choice not only pleased us but encouraged us to push the envelope further.
Our reviewing process is highly transparent:
We would like to reiterate that the customer is the main concern for us and it is only because we want them to benefit from the site that we consciously do not accept any advertisements from the companies that we review so that we are not covertly endorsing any brand of sewing machines. The reviews on the website are honest reviews of people who have actually and physically given their time to testing it and reviewing it in their own words and further no editing has been done by the website in order to maintain the authenticity of the review. So, the next time you read a highly positive or an utterly negative review about a certain product on our website you can be sure that they are actual experiences of the people and that they are honest opinion that the reviewers have expressed. However, we also respect the reviewer’s right to anonymity if they so request.

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